Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1, where's my furniture

Ok, going to try and do better at posting for my parents this year (Happy New Year parents).

This is what Jan 1 looks like at out house. Furniture in the garage, kitchen a little messy. Calves hurt from dancing.

Things I learned this year: young teens dont dance, especially if old people are around (but they will play minute-to-win-it games against their parents and have a blast). Tween girls won't dance if there are cute young teen boys around (this meant that there were only about 3 of us dancing, I'm 40+ which means Im gonna dance if I wanna dance, cute boys or not). My dining room light fixture is an interrogation light if you are sitting in the wrong spot. Cosmos should not be full strength if you are serving them in plastic cups.

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