Wednesday, June 9, 2010

buh-bye little red

There is not room for me and this squirrel in the house.

That is my bedroom window.  And the rustling, scratching noises have been waking me up most nights.  Then, as I was walking into the house there he was, peering out, unwilling to move and giving me that look. You know, like a bratty child who looks at you with the "what are you gonna do about it" look.

Which made me mad enough to find Andy at Wildlife Management Services, who put up traps in the rain and hauled away little red today (after a noisy night).  He's also going to fix our mouse problem, and showed us where the bat lands at night.  I'm trying really hard to not think about that last sentence (I know, they're good, but they heeb me out more than anything).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy stroll to the bus stop

Here are 2 of the boys.

It is our first rainy walk to the bus stop, and only 3 more days of school (sigh).  These days always fill a mama with mixed emotions... Looking forward to the end of homework battles, but dreading the lack of routine and loss of my calm space between the bus stop and heading to work.  And then there is the hardest part which is that my babies are getting all big and independent.

But check out my house;)  well, the private road leading away from my house... All lush green with a beautiful oak tree canopy...

Monday, June 7, 2010

This is the yarn for my new house

Unsure where to begin, I will begin here.

Our new house is beautiful, trending modern, and worthy of nice things.  And, in the short 6 weeks we've been here, we've managed to fill it with our favorite things while keeping everything else in boxes. And, while I am not missing the stuff, I am bothered by the thought the basement mice might be making it *their* stuff...  I'm also concerned about whether I can keep my lovely new house clutter-free as that would be fighting a strong genetic trait. 

And then there is the part where I can't get enough Noro Silk Garden, it's woolly-silky-wonderful, with dreamy colors.  It would be impossible to knit something ugly with it.  It is decidedly too nice for a house full of boys, and I don't care, because the house has to have it.

So, in the midst of moving-mayhem my LYS (local yarn store) had its annual sale, and 20 skeins later I am on my way to a new afghan.  Its colorway 284, and its gonna go great with the art and couchoid (more on those another day).  And with this wonderful Japanese indulgence I will make this (pattern by Liz Ungar):

I have been crazy enough to make a silk garden afghan before, a 40th wedding anniversary present for my parents (and fair-worthy I am proud to add).  At the time, it was too nice for my house, but not any more.  My rocking new house is getting its own Noro luxury.