Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lab cookie bake-off

Yes, some labs go out for lunch, some do dinner... but because we are the "chick lab" we baked cookies at my house as our holiday outting!  It was oddly, much like work.  I provided the supplies and the space, Trina (the lab manager) orchestrated everyone, and the research assistants worked with purpose.

Ok, it was different than work because there was some of this:

This was our starting crew:

And then this lovely student came after her final:

This is Ling, newly arrived from China and completely new to American baking. She took to making sugar cookies like a pro... to quote her "You know how some people are type A? they call me A+".  Her verdict on the product "too much sugar, I like it spicy"

Ling and Kristin took care of the decorating as well

Meg suffered from sugar shock due to finger-licking overload:

There were snickerdoodles:

Some Mississippi based candy-cookie from Trina's childhood:

The classic peanut butter chocolate kiss cookie, which I almost completely mucked up by purchasing cherry-creme kisses! yeah, that doesn't go with peanut butter. thankfully I am a Hammond at heart and bought too much of everything, including more than one kind of the kisses.

And this is Trina the lab manager. She is great at her job, and I am one lucky lady to have her running the show, including cookie baking.